Shobha Loses 7Kgs Weight Despite PCOD

Name: Shobha
TotalWeight Loss: 7Kgs (66Kgs – 59Kgs)
Duration: 12 Weeks


“I have seen many fitness program and transformation posts in social media but never believed in all these and I thought they edit the pics to attract clients 😂.but after so many research I thought of let’s try once for my self and then I came Across MHB in Insta and enrolled for same. I was 66 when I joined MHB family and after 3 months of their plan I’m now 59

I struggled a lot before to reduce my weight since had pcod problem. reducing 1 kg was a achievement for me with pcod .

Mu guide subia helped me in all ways to plan my daily diet and workout. Never thought doing diet is soo easy 🥰.

All my family members are jealous at me looking at my plate because ,I say I’m doing diet but eating delicious and plate full of food. 😂

All thanks to my coach and MHB for their support for helping people to live healthy and fit life ❤️”




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