Shouma Downsized Her Wardrobe By Losing 20 Kgs !



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“Having been obese for most part of my teen and adult life, I’ve faced body shaming in every way possible from being called names like moti and fatty and being made fun of at times.

I had developed a very low self confidence for my body image issues and I never motivated myself to lose weight because I felt that I would never be able to reach my goal. I had joined gyms and yoga centres but nothing helped.

I came across MHB through Instagram and I think it was a blessing because that’s how my life started changing. I’m still in the process of transforming myself.

I have put my faith in my coach Arpita Bose Jain cause she helped me achieve this amazing transformation.She has not only helped me lose weight but my inches have reduced too, I maintain a more healthy lifestyle, my skin glows, I feel more energetic and confident!

With simple home workouts and a very easy diet to follow with cheat meals, MHB and my coach helped me realise my goals. I hope to achieve more with them.

I need to say something more about Arpita Di, she is just amazing in whatever she does. She has explained everything to me, supported me, never been very strict and let me take my cheat meals without guilt and brought me back on track.

I think anyone can transform beautifully under her guidance ♥️”

– Shouma


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