Shreya Lost 8 Kgs Though Home Foods And Simple Workout

Before weight: 63 Kgs
After weight: 55 Kgs
Duration: 16 weeks



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“After many different type of diets I finally learned how to loose weight healthy.
I came across MHB while randomly surfing Instagram.

I am so thankful to Nupur. She helped me with lot of knowledge on workouts and nutrition. My main goal was to lose weight with tone muscle and become consistent with physical activity.

With her online workout plan and right nutrition I am feeling better than I have ever been. She checks my progress regularly and help me in way more better every time.

Overall my energy level increased and learned how to eat clean and healthy with simple staple food. I wouldn’t able to achieved my goal without Nupur constant support. So thankful for her. Would love you work with her in future.””


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