Shweta Lost Loads Of Fat And Gained Loads Of Confidence

Client Name: Shweta
Total weight loss: 4 Kgs (74 to 70 Kgs)
Duration: 12 weeks



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Joining MHB has been the best decision I made. While scrolling through insta page, saw a transformation post and the coach was you. I went through your profile and got an instinct that this pretty lady can only do magic.

Though, I couldn’t loss much weight but I killed the low confidence in me. This program bought discipline in my lifestyle and I have a long journey to go. However, not to ignore the fact that friends and family did notice the weight loss/transformation on the day of housewarming.

This is has given me so much confidence and believe that i will soon reach my goal. Though my plan is over but I am still following the meal and exercise recommended by my coach.

Thank you for your constant support and timely response to all my query. We will soon connect to continue our goal together ❤️


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