Shwetha BG’s Postpartum Weight Loss Transformation

Name: Shwetha BG
TotalWeight Loss: 4Kgs (67Kgs – 63Kgs)
Duration: 12 Weeks


“I was on the lower end of weight through out my pregnancy and started hitting back postpartum.

I was embarassed to look at myself in the mirror. Accidentally saw a post of a new mom’s weight loss journey through MyhealthBuddy on my instagram feed and contacted MyhealthBuddy team without thinking twice.

Kanav was my buddy and his meal + exercise plans were amazing!
Initially I was skeptical about following a routine and preparing fancy diet meals but Kanav’s plan made it so easy that I could incorporate healthy options to whatever I was already consuming.

I have never felt restricted with eating what I like and was surprised to notice that I was eating more than before but healthy! I started noticing differences with great inch & weight loss as early as 1 month.

Kanav has always been a great support and has answered all my questions with great enthusiasm & motivation.

I feel great about my body and lifestyle more than ever! Thanks Kanav & MyHealthBuddy team for helping me feel great again!”




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