Sneha Kumar’s Weight Loss Journey

Name: Sneha Kumar
Duration: 12 Weeks


“I really feel good following this diet. First few days I used to feel hungry now its like my body is used to it. Before this, I used to eat from out twice and that was mandatory for every week. 😃 and mostly indo chinese or heavy briyani.

After joining this program totally reduced that so that only is a big step. I ate like 3 times outside and that too dosa/ chapati- paneer. So improving slowly.Sometimes there is sudden plan for eating out with friends so I eat a little more than the recommended.

I am happy that im getting habit for eating healthy and being active. It feels good to hear compliments too.I can see the changes in my pic if I compare. Specially my face double chin has gone down na. 😬 and yea waist and hips too. I cant believe im doing this and i reduced weight.

Now i understand how much junk and heavy food i was eating. I look thin 🥳🥳 Yet to reduce and be more fit but thinking how I was in april and now, makes me not to give up. And how much junk I was eating back then 😂. Specially this diet change I made it to my entire family and even my husband is happy now! Thank you”




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