Sonali Lost 9 Kgs Despite PCOD And Diastasis Recti

Name: Sonali
Total Weight Loss: 9 Kgs (67-58 Kgs)
Duration : 24 weeks



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I have always been on a lean figure but suffered from PCOD for 6 years which resulted in a lot of weight fluctuations.

Then I became a mom and delivered two beautiful baby boys. Since i went through C-Section cz of twins pregnancy, my body could not go back to normalcy even after many months of postpartum.

So in short, throughout 2019, i suffered from major postpartum depression, severe lower backaches, excessively increased weight, constant lethargy and mood swings, complete lack of energy the whole day and a huge belly which still looked like 8 months pregnant(my DR gaps was almost the size of a fist).

Then i saw a post from one of my school friends in which she shared her transformation journey through MHB and I contacted them after being determined to change my current situation.

Ishav, my buddy is the best thing that happened to me through MHB. She pushed me, encouraged me, heard me, monitored me and above all helped me change my outlook completely towards being healthy.

Her guidance helped me lose considerable weight, reduced my DR gap to a great extent and overall improved my lifestyle and eating habits.

I cant thank her enough. Even though now I have achieved significant weight loss, still I would continue using Ishav’s coaching to remain on this healthy transformation and achieve new targets for myself.


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