Surat’s Inspiring Weight Loss Transformation

Name: Surat
Total Weight Loss: 15 Kgs (105 – 90 Kgs)
Duration: 12 Weeks


“I weighed 104 kgs. I tried some exercises and diet for losing weight but didn’t find any favourable results.
Due to covid joining a gym wasn’t possible.

While going thru Instagram I found MHB. Some of the transformation stories motivated me to checkout the program and was assigned to Kunal.

During the intro call, we had a detailed discussion on my current condition and my expectations and also the direction that we wanted to take on this journey.

Kunal was very helpful throughout the program. Whenever I had any questions, even the silly ones, I always got a satisfactory response.

The main things that we focussed on were setting up small realistic targets, building #healthyhabits which are sustainable in the longer run and some minor changes in lifestyle.

The result was a whopping 14 kg loss in 2 and a half months and a marked improvement in energy levels throughout the day.

I’m thankful to Kunal for his guidance.

Unfortunately towards the end of the program I tested positive for Covid, which hampered my progress a bit.

But overall it was a satisfying journey, which has left me craving for some more.”




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