Sushitra Guvvvala, Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Journey

Name: Sushitra Guvvvala
Total Weight Loss: 7 Kgs (67 – 60 Kgs)
Duration: 12 Weeks


“Hi ..I’m a mother of 8 months baby who is breast feeding and gained almost 12kgs. My pregnancy was smooth n no complications but due to low AF I ended up with c section and was struck at 67kgs from birth evn I’m breast feeding and doing small activities…

When my baby was 4months I got severe UTI and undergone so many antibiotics that levels up the uric acid levels and Had GOUT which leads to severe knee pains…

Before that I was scrolling Instagram and found my health buddy and was super happy seeing the results of all the moms and decided to take the plan and prebook my plans under ishav Mam (she is my fav)and then I took the plan on March 6th.

My weight was 67kgs and she called me n gave me the normal diet chart n gave basic exercises….then after 1 week I observed my scale was moving left side ….

I was super happy n reduced 7kgs in three months as if I was bit u disciplined and my knee pains got reduced now and I’m super happy now”




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