Sushma Chitta’s Weight Loss Transformation Story

Name: Sushma Chitta
TotalWeight Loss: 12Kgs (98Kgs – 86Kgs)
Duration: 24 Weeks


“I’m so glad I stumbled upon MHB insta feeds during my nursing sessions, in 2020. I did a thorough research before I enrolled myself. I liked their methodologies and idealogies.

I delivered a baby in 2019 and I had put on 20kgs during my pregnancy. At 106 kgs, I was very unsure if I could have a vaginal delivery. But it was possible and it happened. I immediately lost 7 kgs during the 1-2 weeks of delivery. But losing those extra kilos was always a challenge. I ate a lot to suppress my hunger, postpartum depression, lockdown depression, you name it.

After enrolling into MHB, the best thing that has happened to me was my buddy, my coach, my mentor – Prakriti. She taught me what all I needed to learn. If my cravings included chocolate, she included that in my diet plan. Within few weeks I saw changes. And the first 3 months flew by so quickly and I lost 10 kgs and so many inches.

I enrolled for the next 3 months too. This time I was able to lose inches, few kgs, and was able to maintain my lost weight. My sister and friends also enrolled with MHB after looking at my progress.

I have to thank my mentor for constantly supporting and guiding me. I also have to thank me, myself. For being able to lose weight inspite of several challenges. I lost all my pregnancy weight. I still have a long road but I’m confident I can hit it!

My biggest learnings from my mentor –
“Weight is just a number on the scale. If you are practicing a healthy lifestyle and including exercise in your daily routine, that is all matters. Learn to enjoy every bit of any activity! Remember if you lose weight faster, you will also put it on faster.”




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