Swetha Drops 8Kgs in 8 Weeks In Her MHB Journey

Name: Swetha
Total Weight Loss: 8 Kgs (84 – 76 Kgs)
Duration: 8 Weeks


“I started my journey on May 10th and weighed 84.4 kgs. I was overweight for my age and height. Although I tried many diets and plans earlier, within no time I used to come back to square 1 due to Hypothyroidism, with lots of cravings and urge to eat sugars & Junk. Being a working woman and a busy mother I totally started ignoring my health.

That’s when I started following Myhealthbuddy on Instagram and was totally spellbound with their results and decided to join. While joining the program I was sceptical and was not sure about the results. Then I got introduced to my Buddy Bhavana- who was very patient and listened to all my routines and habits. with slight modifications in lifestyle and food habits, I was able to take over my hormonal changes in the very first week.

My unwanted hair reduced, periods were on time and was able to stand for a longer time and be more active. I continued to follow Bhavana’s suggestions and with her help, I started to lose almost 1KG a week.

Bhavana helped me to understand the concept of protein intake and calorie deficit without restricting me to eat my favourites. I have lost 8Kgs in 8 weeks and feel so confident now.

It means a lot to fit into your old clothes or when someone compliments you for looking young. Your family members will appreciate your healthy food habits and cheer you up for the hard work that you are doing. Last but never least, it’s YOU who needs to have a firm intention in mind to be fit, build up strength and stamina and make a toast to life.

Very happy to be a part of the MHB.”




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