Tanisha Kumbhakar’s Life Changing Weight Loss Transformation

Name: Tanisha Kumbhakar
Total Weight Loss: 6 Kgs (85 – 79 Kgs)
Duration: 12 Weeks


“I have always been a fat kid since childhood subjected to various bullies and body shaming; but I loved myself the way I am, and I wasn’t motivated to loose weight until I started suffering from knee pain.

I was told by my doctor to reduce weight without exerting pressure on my knees. Suddenly, I came across MyHealthBuddy while scrolling Instagram. I was assigned Kanav as my buddy. He laid out portion control as the only rule for my diet plan.

I started this plan when I was 85 kgs. Everything was going well, until my entire family was tested COVID positive. Knowing about my family’s condition, Kanav paused the program for 15 days till I could recover and start working out again. I didn’t work out at all for 15 days straight, since I had to take care of my family in these hard times.

After things turned normal, I started working out again but unfortunately I was not able to do those exercises anymore since I had lost my form. Kanav immediately changed my workout routine to a simpler version without exerting any pressure on the knees for the third month, and this routine did wonders! I could easily walk for 10k steps daily after a week of doing those exercises without any knee pain.

At the end of the third month, I am now at 79kgs just by following a simple routine of proper diet, simple exercises and 10k steps daily. MyHealthBuddy and especially, Kanav helped me transform my daily routine to lead a better life and I am grateful for this change.

Thanks for this, this is a transformation in my mentality for life.”




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