Taskeen Loses 15Kgs In A Disciplined Weight Loss Journey

Name: Taskeen
Total Weight Loss: 15Kgs
Duration: 40 Weeks


“Everyday I am wearing the clothes i got stitched for myself before getting married, that is from the trousseau, then i was 65kg and this lean, after pregnancy and after loosing weight, i still fit in to those clothes without any alterations, it means i am in a better shape even when i weigh 70kgs, i could’nt be more happier and so satisfied.

For me weight was always a number, i could be this lean and still weigh 80kgs, what matters is the progress what i made i cud see when i can comfortably fit in into my old clothes.

I just could’nt thank you enough for this. I am in peace of mind and in a good mental space, when i look at myself in the mirror.

Thankyou for holding on to my soo tight, i know i am not the most disciplined client, u might have come across more dedicated clients than me, but this training will always be special to me. When I proudly tell people about you. You will always hold a special place in my heart.

I really mean it. Everything has unconsciously became a habit, counting calories, eating right, even eating pleasurefull treat but under calories count. Guilt free breaks from routine.

Its always good to form an effortless routine which is healthy and this only u could do. Def, MHB has got one of the best and friendly coaches ”




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