Trushna Shah’s Inspiring Inch Loss Transformation

Name: Trushna Shah
TotalWeight Loss: 5Kgs (92Kgs – 87Kgs)
Duration: 12 Weeks


“I have tried quite some diet plans before trying this. In some programs they also give you medicines to lose weight but they were all short term but after joining MHB I have felt so good.

Binita Maam was assigned as my coach and she focuses on building habits like eating well, exercises and walking too. Its not restrictive and infact everything is allowed but in portions.

The biggest problem that got solved for me was that I started getting my periods regularly. No medicines needed anymore. Though I didnt lose much weight, I have lost more than 30 inches overall from my body and I am very happy about it.!

Binita maam as a coach is very understanding and accomodating. She understands her clients well and takes medical conditions also into account when designing the program. Thank you so much Binita Maam and MHB.”




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