Vaishali Shinde 8kgs Weight Loss Transformation

Name: Vaishali Shinde
Total Weight Loss: 8Kgs (84Kgs – 76Kgs)
Duration: 12 weeks


“It was an amazing journey with my coach Gaurav. For weight loss I did almost everything definitely, I lost some kgs but again I gained, finally I joined MHB on 7th Jan 2021.

Journey started with my buddy (coach)Gaurav, he is an amazing person. He spoke to me understand everything and made a diet plan & workout according to me.

Then I started following the meal plan & 10k steps +daily exercises.

When I started my plan my weight was 84kg (184.6lbs) and end of weight is 76 kg(168.6lbs) I m still following same meal plan which I like a lot.

The best part of this program was I never felt that I was on diet I was eating all my favorite food & still losing weight

I had a great journey with my buddy (Gaurav) and MyHealthBuddy I am extremely grateful to them.

Thanks a lot🙏 Gaurav for being a such wonderful coach & amazing person 😊.”




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