Vasavi Sheds 11Kgs Of Postpartum Weight In An Incredible Transformation

Name: Vasavi
Total Weight Loss: 11 Kgs (72 – 61 Kgs)
Duration: 20 Weeks


“I was neither a fitness freak nor a foodie but gained weight gradually post my marriage and substantially in the last trimester of my pregnancy and carried it even after having my baby.

Weight remained the same for 1 whole year and had heavy postpartum hair fall.That’s when I decided it’s high time to loose weight and have a healthy diet. I happen to randomly visit MHB page on IG and got excited upon seeing individuals’ transformation.

Initially was hesitant to join the programme but somehow pulled myself to transform completely.

Binita is very friendly coach who is always ready to listen with utmost patience. She made sure to consider all my likes & dislikes and customised my diet and workouts. Never felt like I am on some fancy diet, I ate the same food which i am eating from ages. Because of her, I understood the importance of portion control, active lifestyle”




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