Vasundhara Sheds 12 Kgs Without Quitting Her Favorite Food

Name: Vasundhara
TotalWeight Loss: 12Kgs (69Kgs – 57Kgs)


“The year 2020 had been very hard for all of us, the same happened to me . During the lock down I decided to get back in shape after my second pregnancy, I was a little sceptical, because was a little doubtful about the diet plans given by most of the fitness coaches as they are difficult to follow up once your program gets over.

Ishav also being by school senior , I decided to take up the plan under her, she has been a constant support all the time, during my surgery and illness for almost 4 months , she has been very supportive and understanding. All she wanted was my well being and health during this time, keeping weight loss apart.

Health has always been her priority, plus she also being a mother understood and was very flexible with my diet plan and workouts. Talking about diet plans , to my surprise I never felt as if it was a burden , so simple and something that can be followed without any extra effort .

During this my almost a year long program under Ishav as my coach, now I have learned how to keep track of my food and being a big foodie enjoyed all my favourite foods. She is an inspiration and I wish to be as fit as her and I trying my level best to work on it consistently.

Thank you Ishav for all you have done for me during all the ups and downs I been through. A BIG SHOUTOUT TO THIS SUPERMOM !!! ”




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