Veena Drops 7kgs In This Weight Loss Transformation

Name: Veena
TotalWeight Loss: 7Kgs (57Kgs – 50Kgs)
Duration: 16 Weeks


“Holding 8 months baby and looking like 6 month pregnant women was not easy for me as I don’t have answers to people’s questions in the way I look. Being in US, didn’t find a plan suitable for Indian women especially the diet plans are different which I gave up on my transformation.

When found that I had DR, tried multiple YouTube workouts at home which made my DR worse. There were some sleepless nights too crying thinking of my situation. My social media crave helped me in finding MHB.

My understanding of DR to reduce 3 finger gap and getting back in shape was totally wrong and my coach Ishav made me realize to follow a diet daily and shed weight which changed my appearance.

Regular balanced diet program which Includes food i usually have daily was the key to my Transformation. All exercise given in program are simpler and Ishav used to answer promptly for any suggestions.

Now I look like how I used to be when I got married. I was so happy with my transformation and specially my husband who wants me to get back in shape to shut everyone talking about me.

This is like a big dream come true moment for me as I always dreamt of having a good looking body. Before joining this program, I used to walk with shy or feel discomfort while doing walking or when I used to be in a group of my friends. But now, I feel self elevated and able to walk with so much confidence and pride.

Never thought I would be inspiration to someone as my friends and cousins want to enroll and get back in shape like me. Thanks to Ishav and everyone at Myhealthbuddy who are filling happiness in life’s of all women out there ❤️😍”




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