Vishakha’s Amazing 40Kgs Weight Loss Journey

Name: Vishakha
Total Weight Loss: 40 Kgs (125 – 85Kgs)
Duration: 32 weeks


“Kriti has been instrumental in my transformation process over the past 6 months, helping me lose 40 Kgs by recommending a sustainable diet plan backed by an effective workout regime.

She has not only guided me through my journey but she is an excellent mentor.

I have learnt a lot about the common misconceptions, myths, macronutrients and calorie calculation, and most important of all being that a healthy lifestyle doesn’t need to be an unhappy one.

I have enjoyed these few months with Kriti and did not think of it as a punishment.

She taught me how I didn’t need to starve to lose weight, instead of telling me to eat lesser, she always tried to make me eat more because I was so apprehensive to eat more.

Thank you so much to MHB and Kriti for this beautiful experience of changing my life.”




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