Watch How Shrutika Got Into Pre-Pregnancy Shape



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After my pregnancy and couple of miscarriages before having baby it took a toll on my health and i gained weight. I used to get demotivated knowing the fact that i can not get fit in my favourite cloths or could not buy what i actually like to wear.. then i came across MHB and amuda from MHB contacted me.. i would like to tha k her for introducing me to Arpita as my trainer and i remember her words now that Shrutika trust me you won’t regret Arpita is excellent health buddy and she will help you overcome your issues.. and about Arpita she is a Magician for me whies magic really worked on me.. she has lot of patience and even when i used to get down sometimes she would just talk to me on WhatsApp and encourage me.. when i started the program i was 75kgs and now I’m 68.90 which made a huge difference in my appearance. And I’m grateful to my health buddy Arpita..

Due to some personal commitments I’m unable to continue the program for now but at the same time i have promised Arpita that I’ll be back to her in few months and coz i want to stay fit n i can happily do that under her guidance..

I would recommend MHB to anyone who wants to develop healthy eating habit.. one of the best thing is they won’t stop you having your favourite food (I’m crazy Icecream lover and Arpita did allow me to have that during my program) and i really never felt any burden to follow the diet chart she has given..

I once again thanks to Amuda, Arpita and @myhealthbuddy for this wonderful healthy journey.. 🙏


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