Weight loss for petite women: Here’s how Akshi got ready for her wedding day

Akshi Bassi is the perfect example of patience and consistency. Right from my first call with her in July, I knew she was deeply motivated as she was planning to get married and had her pre-wedding shoot in October. She was clear about what she could not do (ie make breakfast, work out at a gym) but also determined to do whatever she was told to do outside of those limitations.

The most successful people in our coaching program are those who ask questions and stay engaged with their coaches. My WhatsApp history with Akshi contains almost every single meal she had over the 3-month period that we worked together. She updated me on her weight and activity daily, and called me well in advance if she had plans to eat out. She even went on holiday and visited her parents and in-laws during this time, and we talked on the phone to figure out how to navigate those situations where food is so involved and deviations would be likely.

Women like Akshi who are petite and not too overweight to start with have a very hard time losing weight, but she knocked it out of the park. She reaped her rewards of being so diligent as she lost a whopping 6.6 kgs and a whole lot of inches in a span of 3 months. Needless to say- she looked like a princess in her pre-wedding shoot and engagement ceremony.

We endeavor to build systems where our clients can maintain and continue on their health journey long after our program is completed. Akshi continued the good habits cultivated during the program, and as of Jan 31st, she is at 43.4 kgs, getting married on 5th Feb!

Please join me in congratulating her and wishing her a bright and healthy future!  


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