Ideal Weight

Weight is not a constant number for any person and is affected by multiple factors. “Ideal Weight” is a suggestion based on globally accepted healthy BMI.



10 Reasons To Join Us

You want a lifestyle change and new look you forever !
  • Most of our participants lose 3-5 kg in 4 weeks of starting the program and keep it off.
  • Learn about nutritional principle for lifelong change in the way we look at food in our 12 week program.
  • Connect with like minded people on similar journey via our invitation only facebook group and get insights, tips and inspiration.
  • Learn to respond rather react to stressful situations.
  • Increase your energy and focus in the day .
  • Understand healthy eating, balanced nutrition, and what supplements you should be taking.
  • Be more energetic and confident with a positive view of your body.
  • Learning myths of nutrition and exercises in our newsletter : Fitness Amigo.
  • Have More restful and sufficient sleep at night.
  • Learn to control cravings and hunger by balancing what you eat.