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A healthy employee is a happy employee.

When your employees have more tools to improve how they feel, your company can perform better as a whole. Drop us a line and let’s talk about which services are best for your office’s culture, people, and goals.

Higher employee retention rates

Companies that take care of their employees through initiatives have an improved sense of well being and affinity towards the company

Lowered healthcare costs

Healthier employees lead to lower health insurance premiums.

Association and Teamwork

Health and fitness challenges foster an environment where people engage in some friendly competition and also help each other out, leading to a more cohesive and energetic work space.


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Services & Solutions

Health Seminars

We provide one-off or a series of seminars that address health concerns faced by people with busy lifestyles. We aim to educate the attendees and help them take away something actionable from our sessions.

1:1 Coaching

We offer exclusive discount deals for corporate organizations whose employees wish to enroll for our signature 1:1 coaching program.

Transformation challenges

A transformation challenge, unrelated to the daily motions of work can really pull together employees to work together or engage in some friendly competition.

Diet Plan
Tools & Resources

Our corporate partners receive exclusive content such as weekly newsletters which come packed with knowledge and information on health related topics.

Meet Our Ambassadors


I did not realize how much my life has changed - I've experience improved stamina, increased strength, higher energy levels, lower BP. My resting heart rate is steadily declining. But I am most surprised to see that following some lifestyle changes has led me to be a much more productive person. Thank you MyHealthBuddy and to my Buddy Asheesh!


Jitendra Kumar Agrawal

CEO at Roadis

I won the 8-Week Transformation Challenge by strictly following my plan and losing 18.7 kgs in 2 months! I had been struggling with the weight for 10-12 years. People around are not able to recognise me. Those who were taunting are now jealous of my “Glow”. For me this challenge will never end, I’ve got the new me and younger me is on the way. Thank you MHB for this opportunity! Blessed to have you guys in my life.


Deepika Chauhan

Software Engineer at Infosys

At the end of the day I feel that MyHealthBuddy has immensely contributed in transforming my life, helped me improve my eating habits, taught me to choose the right food and exercise. I am really very happy after this journey . My buddies have actually walked hand in hand with me and helped me improve my health. I am grateful to MyHealthBuddy group for guiding me and helping me fly! I have a long way to go, but it is just because of you that I could start my journey.


Payel Basu

CA at Pepsico

I was 98 Kgs, just 2 kgs behind to hit the century, and this was the most disturbing thing. Sedentary lifestyle, working late nights, sitting in front of my laptop all day, binging on all junk food available in cafeteria, who else is to blame? MyHealthBuddy helped me take back control of my life and I feel great now, having lost 9 kgs in a few months’ time.



Manager at Accenture

In my 10-week journey, I went from a sluggish 87 kgs to a healthy and energetic 81 kgs person. But more importantly, I went from being able to do 5 push ups to 70! These numbers talk a lot, but what you feel after having a clean lifestyle is something worth shooting for. Special thanks to Abhishek Verma and Asheesh Grewal for constant support. As they say you can't heal in the same environment where you got sick in the first place



Software Engineer at RBS

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