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Nutritionists are those who will provide you with a "Diet Chart" and tell you to come back a week later. On the other hand, we cover nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress, and habit formation. This five point approach (hyperlink) makes for more long-term results.
This is highly subjective. Rather than setting goals of losing a certain number of kilos per week or month, we set habit-based goals (i.e. drink 3L water per day, or complete 8000 steps per day.) The important thing to remember is that we must focus on systems rather than outcomes. We will focus on what we can control - the progress is bound to follow.
1. Weight
2. Clothes/Photos
3. BCA
The Argus App (hyperlink) is available for the iPhone and Android. Once enabled, it measures sleep quality by tracking your movements as your phone is by your side throughout the night. Based on the data, we will make suggestions to improve the duration as well as quality of your sleep. For stress, we use the PSS (Percieved Stress Score) and depending on your situation, we will suggest techniques to help you remain equanimous and calm - both as a regular practice as well as in difficult, high-pressure situations.
Losing weight is easier than keeping the weight off. There is a misconception that losing weight can be permanent. If you go back to your old lifestyle, you will gain the weight back. Statistics show that 90% of people who lose weight gain it back within a year. Habit formation ensures that your weight loss is long-term.
Sometimes, two people may not get along, or one might have a request for a male or female Buddy. In such cases, we have a Buddy exchange program, wherein you may ask to change your Buddy.
The basic requirement for all Buddies is to have a high-quality, accredited certification such as ISSA, NESTA, or Precision Nutrition. In addition to this, our entire team of Buddies works together to share their knowledge, experiences, and skill sets to deliver the best quality of coaching to you. To this end, we also peer review each other’s plans before sending them out to you. Last but not least, each of our Buddies has undergone their own physical transformation, which will help them understand the struggles you may face along the way.
Our philosophy is all about using science-based, evidence-based approaches, so rather than approaching the nutritional aspect as a specific type of diet, we use the fundamentals of nutrition to create a plan with the following
1. The right number of calories
2. The right number of macros (i.e. protein, carbs, and fat)
3. Choosing nutrient-dense food which provide plenty of micronutrients (such as vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants)
Our aim is to also educate you on the fundamentals of nutrition, so that rather than looking at your food as some type of “diet” to be followed, you understand the principles of what constitutes an optimal meal in line with your goals. Then, if need be, we may suggest Keto Diets, Low Carb diets, or other types of diets depending on the individual goals and body type of the individual. Furthermore, we will also work around your dietary preferences, whether you're vegetarian, vegan, or pastafarian!
We deliver our 1:1 coaching over the phone, email, WhatsApp, and even video calls when needed, depending on our clients’ preferences and requirements. We find this to be the most effective way to stay connected with our clients so we may monitor their habits and progress closely.
We have found that people starting off on our coaching program require a lot more hands-on guidance and so we make ourselves available as often as needed. Once the client has settled into the new routine, we follow up regularly and are always just a phone call away in case of any deviations in the routine or disruptions in the lifestyle such as travel, visitors, illness, etc.
The whole point of having a Buddy with you is that you have someone to guide you and motivate you when you need it. So, in short, you can interact with your Buddy as often as you need to!
Additionally, we also have a thriving online community which serves as a safe space for us all to share our experiences, wins, questions, and anything fitness-related. Not only will your coach be visible in the group, you will also get input from other coaches, as well as 7000+ people just like you who are on their fitness journey!
Our plans are changed as and when required depending on your progress and adherence.
There is no need to join a gym, though we will encourage you to do so if this is what you enjoy. We will also provide you with home-based workouts or other types of exercise depending on your schedule and abilities.
Though some progress will be visible in a month, 3 months is the ideal time frame for people to see significant change and long-lasting results. Deploying new habits and changing old ones is not a small task. Many people realize that after reaching their goal, there is a bigger goal to aspire to, and they stick around even longer and work towards getting their bodies in even better shape, geared towards optimal performance, losing stubborn fat (the last 5 kgs), and overall well-being.
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Yes, we have a number of corporate programs, tailor-made to your organization's needs and numbers.
We have provided sessions and organized events at MakeMyTrip, RBS, NatWest, Roadis, and more Salad Days is our official nutrition partner, and we have collaborated with a number of companies to sponsor our transformation challenges.

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