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About MHB

We are a rapidly growing organization, transforming people physically as well as mentally through our 1:1 online coaching. We work in 5 areas: Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep, Stress, and Habit Formation.

With a team of internationally certified coaches (23 coaches now), we have coached 3500+ clients with hundreds of transformations in the last 3 years.

Internship Overview

The coronavirus has hit the gym industry badly and personal trainers are being laid off(or left unpaid) by their employers.

The health industry still has a great opportunity as now more and more people would start taking their health seriously.

But the health professionals need to change the way they work or perhaps enhance their skills.

This internship provides the opportunity to those smart trainers who want to change gears and learn the art of online coaching under the close supervision of our experienced coaches.

We conducted our first internship from June 1st to July 10th,2020. And we finalized 3 coaches from our last internship batch of 14 people.

It would be improved version this time, and longer (60 days). We want to groom people so that they are ready to work as an online coach on their own or with MHB.

We intend to hire 5 coaches from this batch.


What You Will Learn


Mathematics of
diet Planning


Exercise Planning as per
Body Composition goals


Learn the basics of handling
postpartum clients

Diet Plan

Client communication
and engagement

Diet Plan

Goal settings and expectations
management of clients

Diet Plan

The science of Habit Formation
and Behaviour Changes

Key Benefits

Learn to coach clients online, which is a rapidly growing mode of coaching

Learn Under Coach

Working/Learning under the
supervision of MHB coaches

Job Offer

A chance to be selected
as MHB coaches






MHB internship has been really helpful to me. The content covered in the program was up to the mark for anybody to learn things easily and understand the concepts clearly. Especially the postpartum session was the one which had detailed information on handling postpartum clients, unlike the other nutrition and fitness courses that are offered elsewhere that have just generic information covered.



I was busy with completing my health coach certification and preparing a future ahead in the health industry when I came across the online internship program with MyHealthbuddy. Honestly, I always used to see about MyHealthbuddy and it endeavors on Instagram and I was beyond elated to even think about the learning from them and so I quickly enrolled. I must say, I have never seen such great behavior with newbies, they treated us so well and gave us individualized attention, the owner Asheesh Grewal himself took a few sessions and made us understand everything. The classes were beyond informative and interesting and lucky I am to be even selected as a coach with MyHealthbuddy once the internship ended 😍



I am Amandeep Singh I am an Ace certified personal trainer.
One Month back I completed my internship from MHB
I learnt a lot from MHB's Faculty like:-
1) How to design a customized nutrition and training plan as per the need of the client .
2) Also, I learnt a few behavioural change strategies by which I can help the client to change their behaviour in a positive way.
I would highly recommend MHB's internship if u are looking to learn about the online training.

duration fee

[Intership Period: 3rd Aug 2020 - 5th Oct 2020]


(50% of the internship fee would be refunded if the candidate is onboarded as MHB Coach)

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