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The Start of A New Journey

MyHealthBuddy will help you define your health goals and come up with the optimal strategy to attain them. When you sign up with us, one of our qualified and experienced Buddies will take you under their wing to coach you through your journey. This ensures that not only do you reach your goal, but you also learn how to maintain your health by making informed choices and cultivating sustainable habits.

Fat Loss


If you have more than 10 kgs to shed, then this is the plan for you. Work with one of our Buddies to kickstart weight loss that is sustainable in the long run in spite of your busy lifestyle.

Lean Sculpting


If you want to get rid of the last few kgs, tone up, and/or add a bit of muscle and curves to your structure, then go with our Lean Sculpting Program.



We understand how busy new moms are and how hard it is to take time out for yourself. Your Buddy will help you bounce back to your pre-pregnancy weight, or lower in some cases.

Medical Issues


Our lifestyles are getting the best of us and causing medical issues that can easily be managed with some changes in diet, activity, sleep, and stress. Work with one of our Buddies to improve your medical health.

Program Features


Dedicated Buddy

Your Buddy will create a custom plan for you based on their knowledge and experience, and they will be there to support you throughout your journey, be it answering your health-related questions, or providing you motivation in difficult times.


Long-Term Results

Your Buddy will make sure your plan will get you to your goals and just as importantly they will ensure they give you something that you can follow in the long run, even after your plan has concluded.


Online Community

Together is better! There are other Buddies just like yours and thousands of people just like you working towards their goals. We provide you with a thriving community!


Board of Doctors

Lifestyle diseases such as PCOD, thyroid, autoimmune issues, and physical injury are quite common. We have our very own panel of doctors with various specialties so that we can provide the most ideal plan for you.

Success Stories

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Sahil Tewatia

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Meghna Sharma

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Megha Khatkar

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Ankita Gaba

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D K Gupta

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Akshi Bassi

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Megha Walia

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Priyanka Bedi

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Mamta Bhalla

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D K Gupta

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