Working With Us

You Can Expect

Wellness Program

A program tailored to your needs designed by experts and based on scientific Principle of nutrition and exercise , topped up with modern psychological research.

Buddy Connect

Dedicated professional to inform, instruct and inspire you as you progress to achieve your goal.

Recipes and guides

Hundreds of delicious recipes , specially chosen to make your journey exciting. You’ll discover mouthwatering ways to cook with your favourite ingredients.

This is how your journey with us will unfold.


When we seek to find the best in others, we become the best ourselves.

We get to discover your strengths, habits and needs , in finding which we will set up a plan and goal for you



It’s not how it looks, it’s how it works.

A bespoke program for you is designed with care and consideration to help you achieve physical wellness.



We start where the destination is far away and invisible.

Motivation, guidance and inspiration are just a few ways a buddy will help you in your journey and drive you towards success.



Success is a journey accentuated with destinations.

Milestones to measure your progress to redirect and adapt. Successes which we will celebrate together.

10 Reasons To Join Us

You want a lifestyle change and new look you forever !
  • Most of our participants lose 3-5 kg in 4 weeks of starting the program and keep it off.
  • Learn about nutritional principle for lifelong change in the way we look at food in our 12 week program.
  • Connect with like minded people on similar journey via our invitation only facebook group and get insights, tips and inspiration.
  • Learn to respond rather react to stressful situations.
  • Increase your energy and focus in the day .
  • Understand healthy eating, balanced nutrition, and what supplements you should be taking.
  • Be more energetic and confident with a positive view of your body.
  • Learning myths of nutrition and exercises in our newsletter : Fitness Amigo.
  • Have More restful and sufficient sleep at night.
  • Learn to control cravings and hunger by balancing what you eat.

Change your health in one day!

Learn 5 small but life changing daily habits that will have an immediate
positive impact on your health!