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Price (1 month) 1 month - 4000 INR 1 month - 6000 INR
Price (3 months) 3 months - 10,000 INR 3 months - 15,000 INR 50,000 INR
Unlimited strategy sessions
Nutrition plan
Exercise protocol
Habit formation
Support & Motivation
Access to Buddy Connect
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Meet Buddy in person once a week Once a week
Train under the Buddy Twice a week

This is how your journey with us will unfold.

Your assigned buddy will contact you to understand your current lifestyle and needs. We identify the areas which need to be addressed.


Based on this information, we create a custom plan, carefully designed to include a diet plan, exercise plan and habit goals.


As you make changes to your lifestyle, you may encounter challenges. Whether you need a pep talk for motivation boost, or need to strategize your meal plan for a night out, you can contact your buddy for any kind of support.


You have built great sustainable habits through small changes. You are new person both physically and mentally. It's time to celebrate, spread the message, and set a new goal to take it to the next level!

Our Philosophy: The 5-Point Approach

Our experience helping hundreds of people tells us that a simple "Diet chart" or a few brisk walks just won't cut it. Fitness is as much about our attitudes and mindset as it is about having a custom plan to follow.
A well-rounded strategy is essential to success. And we are here to provide that to you through our tried and tested 5-Point Approach!
What does this entail?
  • Nutrition

    We will create a nutrition plan for you, customized to your specific stats to begin with. But as with most plans, people tend to hit a lull after a time. Your Buddy will monitor your progress closely and ensure that you break through any plateaus. Furthermore, your nutrition plan will be adapted according to your progress as your body changes.

  • Exercise

    Even those who are most averse to exercise start to find joy in it when the workout is suited to their current physique. We ensure to start things off slowly and take it from there. We work with busy corporates, entrepreneurs, and even new moms, to fit exercise into their busy schedule. Those who sign up will also be invited to Buddy Connect, where we work out together. This is a chance to meet your Buddy in person, ask them questions, and join the growing community of people who are also working on getting fit. Community is crucial to success and our effort is to bring like-minded people together

  • Sleep & Stress

    Your overall feeling of wellness depends so much on these two factors. How much and how good is your sleep? How do you feel on a day to day basis? These things matter so much. Stress eating is a big problem, and your Buddy will help you address some of these issues and give you tools to track and improve your sleep.

  • Habit Formation

    We are a product of our daily habits. Weight loss is easy but maintaining it is very hard. We establish new habits that help us ensure we do not gain all the weight back, so even after our clients finish working with us, they come away with good habits that help them in the long run.

If you're ready to make that real, lasting change in your physique, we have the support system to make that happen for you. Not only are you covered for the five main areas that will enable you to get the body you want, but you will also have your very own Buddy to keep you on track, adapt the plan as necessary, and support you through the journey with a steady supply of motivation and accountability!

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