Our holistic approach to physical well being

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Make a new buddy who will help you achieve your fitness goal, make well informed choices, form better habits and sustain a healthy lifestyle. Come transform with us !

A complete program for physical well being

1:1 Consultation

1:1 Consultation

What You Get...

Once you start the program with us, a buddy will uncover your habits, guide you to have a healthy relationship with food, get you moving and be accountable for your progress.

30 Day Challenge

12 week transformation

Perfect start for you..

Try our 12 week transformation package where you will see and feel the difference in you. Take those important first steps.

Group Coaching

Buddy Connect

Get informed and inspired

Join a buddy at a location near you with others who are on a similar journey, share experiences, ideas and inspirations. Ask the expert any doubts or questions you have.

Why it works:

Holistic approach

In our unique plan, which is crafted in consultation with experts, we take care of all your needs related to nutrition, exercise, stress, sleep and help in forming good habits.

Evidence based practice

The program is tailored to meet your individual needs and has all elements based in scientific research. Any recommendations we make have been proven with valid and reliable evidence.

Excellent guidance and tracking

Expert buddies who are well trained, empathetic and supportive guide you through your journey and track key statistics that affect your physical well being. Measurable targets help you check your progress and motivate you to achieve the desired results

Sustainable lifestyle changes

Working within your preferences and develop changes you can manage and sustain. We help you form healthy and positive habits !


  • Eat well

    Nutrition plan to make ensure your body gets all the vital nutrients it need in right proportion

  • Move More

    Initiate training and add to your existing routines , ensure consistency , duration and intensity of exercise are balanced to meet your goal

  • De-Stress

    Mindfulness based stress reduction techniques to help you deal better with those everyday situations you have no control over

  • Rest up!

    Routines and techniques suggested by experts after thorough research that help you improve sleep quality and duration

  • Repeat

    Form positive habits to imbibe those positive changes you make in your journey and make them lifelong changes not temporary

First Step for a Lifelong Change

Vasundhara Bhan lost 10 kilos
"This is my "first step" towards healthy living, because there is still a long way to go. After joining MyHealthBuddy, I realised it's not just about your weight but overall fitness and health. Healthy living is a lifestyle choice for me now and I am much happier for it. "

Not Sure Where To Start?

Schedule an initial health assessment and let our expert buddy speak to you who will explain the program and lay it out for you. And it's 100% Free


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