8 Tips To Help You Sleep Better

October 15, 2018Neha SinhaLifestyle Sleep

Sleep is loved by all but most of us either have trouble falling asleep or feeling refreshed upon waking up. Yet, we may not be able to follow the run-of-the-mill advice everyone loves to dole out. Changing our sleep pattern may not always be an option considering life’s responsibilities. However, if you want to be […]

How To Measure Progress When You Hit A Weight Loss Plateau

August 28, 2018Neha SinhaHealth Tips

So you started a new plan, you’re sticking to your diet, eating your veggies and protein, and doing your workouts. You see your weight loss coming along great initially, but you find that over a period of weeks, the decrease in weight has slowed down. Motivation only lasts for a little while unless you see […]

How To Stay Healthy When You Travel

How To Stay Healthy When You Travel

August 20, 2018Neha SinhaHealth Tips

Travel is often associated with a time window when we feel entitled to go off plan and eat whatever we want, as though there’s no other choice. However, those who want to continue to make progress in spite of jumping on airplanes (or jumping OFF of airplanes, if that’s your thing), here are a few […]

Should you work out during your period?

July 16, 2018Neha SinhaWorkout

Being a woman can be (quite literally) a pain. Every month, we have to endure the physiological discomfort of our inner uterine lining being ripped off, and the subsequent bleeding that occurs. Most women experience the emotional disturbances the week (or two) prior to their period, and this often goes away a day or two […]

sustainable weight loss

4 Simple Habits for Sustainable Weight Loss

July 2, 2018Neha SinhaLifestyle

When it comes to weight loss, there are two sets of factors which affect the number on the scale. On one hand, you have things you can control. On the other, you have the things you cannot control. Sustainable weight loss comes from sustainable habits. Making these small changes to your current lifestyle will result […]


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